Cupping and Gua Sha

Cupping:   Cupping is a traditional practice in many different cultures. In a cupping session, your practitioner suctions plastic or glass cups onto the body to help increase the flow of blood and Qi to an area and release tension and adhesions along tight muscle bands. Cupping also pulls stagnation and toxins out of the superficial layers of the body through the skin and can be an effective treatment for the common cold.

Gua Sha: Like cupping, Gua Sha increases the flow of blood and Qi to tight areas of the body and effectively breaks up adhesions and knots within the muscles. Gua Sha is performed by using a tool (traditionally jade or animal horn) in a repetitive motion firmly across a tight area of musculature. Both cupping and Gua Sha are frequently combined with acupuncture in a single session.

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