Sacred Medicine Ceremony Offerings

As a curandera initiate in the Mahua-Lopez line of the Amazonian Shibibo-Konibo tribe, Liana hosts private and small group sacred medicine ceremonies and retreats. The Amazonian Shipibo-Konibo tribe shares with all indigenous medicine traditions a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between human beings and the natural world and the knowledge that true healing encompasses a holistic set of tools, which address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. Liana is deeply grateful for being called to this medicine path, which offers unparalleled opportunities for personal and collective growth and transformation. Liana remains a humble lifelong student of Maestro Don Enrique, as well as of her many wise plant teachers. Within sacred ceremony, Liana creates and maintains a compassionate, safe, wise and loving container.

The Healer Within Class and Sacred Medicine Retreat September-October 2022

In September-October 2022, Liana will collaborate once more with her The Healer Within partner, Lumi to offer a unique class and medicine retreat offering that integrates sacred Amazonian plant medicine with East and South Asian modalities (Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Medical QiGong, Yoga, Ayurveda). You can find more details and registration information here.

Private or Small Group Sacred Medicine Ceremony:

Private or small group ceremonies are held in various locations and can be facilitated one-to-one or in a small group. Sacred medicine work with Liana involves a preparation session and at least one post-ceremony integration session. Please contact Liana if you are interested in learning more.