Tangible Acupuncture for Internal Medicine by Andrew Nugent Head

Join us for Andrew Nugent-Head’s 5 module acupuncture series Tangible Acupuncture for Internal Medicine. This will be his only full series being taught in the United Sates for the next 2-3 years. Don’t miss out.

65 CEUs Pending, 100 hours total of Teaching

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This in-depth training program for licensed acupuncturists is designed to take practitioners through the steps necessary to grasp the tangibility of acupuncture when treating internal disease. Moving beyond using acupuncture points for their book function to understanding how to profoundly affect the qi, practitioners will understand what to do at any acupuncture point, and why specific points are chosen in order to achieve great results.


From co-host Todd McCloskey, L.Ac., Washington, DC:

When I first started studying with Andrew acupuncture for me was at times abstract and theoretical, often more of a broadly relaxing and loosening experience. Don’t get me wrong it was great, benefited me and a lot of my patients. What I learned from Andrew was that acupuncture could also be something else. I can still remember having Bl 23 needled on me and my entire body beginning to warm or when I could feel the heat being drained out of Li 11 while I relaxed into the table. Suddenly acupuncture became a very tangible experience. No long was qi an abstract idea, it now lived in a very real way right in my hands. Tangible acupuncture means you can make very real and apparent changed in your patients in a reliable and powerful way.


From Liana Brooks-Rubin, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.

I have traveled across the ocean and down to Asheville about a dozen times over the course of the past few years to learn from Andrew Nugent-Head.  Andrew’s teaching is the most practical and tangible that is available to Chinese medicine practitioners in the west.  I learned how to confidently use my needling hand, supporting hand and body weight to warm the lower jiao, clear heat from the upper jiao, activate an entire channel and be infinitely more effective in my Ashi needling technique to treat injuries and chronic pain.

Learning from Andrew has profoundly changed my clinical practice for the better.  I am a clearer diagnostician and consistently create more reliable and predictable changes in my patients.  With tangible acupuncture, my patients experience immediate and tangible sensations such as warming of the abdomen or a draining of heat from the head and their conditions tend to improve more quickly and permanently than they did prior to my study with Andrew Nugent-Head.


Module 1: Tonifying the Upright, Dispersing the Pernicious, Regulating the Channels

Module 2: The Eight Functions of Qi

Module 3: Doors & Pathways of Qi

Module 4: Awakening the Source

Module 5: Treatment Protocols for Internal Illnesses


2021: March 20-21, June 5-6, September 18-19, November 6-7

2022: January 29-30

First weekend ONLY, class is from 9:00 am-6:00 pm All other weekends, class is from 9:30-5:00


100 Days of Pulling Qi: The 8 Storing Qi and Developing Sensitivity Exercises

Tangible Qi in The Clinic: Demystifying qi, learning to manipulate qi, and effect qi in your treatments


Early Bird through October 31, 2020 $2250 * After October 31, 2020 $2500 * Deposit to register/hold spot:  $500


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