“Liana is completely attentive, supportive, gentle, wise, and caring… I had expected that acupuncture could treat physical issues, but I have been surprised and delighted to find that Liana is also addressing the health of my mind and spirit. Since I began acupuncture and herbal therapy with Liana, aches and pains have disappeared and my sleep has improved, but deeper changes have also occurred. For example, I find that I now express myself more clearly and confidently. With Liana’s support and care, I am moving toward the goal of living in alignment with my heart.”

RW, Arlington, VA

“I have never struggled this hard to write a review before, but I want to do this one justice… I came to Liana for my first acupuncture experience about 4 months ago after reading so many glowing reviews about her on Yelp. At that point, I didn’t have a diagnosis for my health problems but now I know it is probably ALS. I went in with zero expectations and not much knowledge about acupuncture but it had been recommended to me several times because I had been complaining for months about tight hamstrings (so tight they would “pop” with each step). I got off the table for the first time and…total relief. NO popping. I was AMAZED and became a believer on the spot. I have been back to Liana every week since then. She has performed similar miracles on my shoulder injury from a fall, integrated Chinese Herbal Medicine, and has continued to work on my overall condition in ways I don’t even understand. Acupuncture is symptom relief so some of the nagging stiffness and soreness comes back between visits but I have definitely seen improvement over the long-term. Liana has become a central part of my health journey — body, mind, and spirit. Acupuncture is the one treatment that has actually helped my physical condition and Liana administers it with such care and skill that I can easily turn my attention to relaxing and recuperating during the visit. She truly cares deeply about her patients and goes above and beyond every single time I come in. I have often felt that she’s a better therapist than my own! I am truly and forever grateful for Liana. You should go see her. You will not regret it!!”

AP, Washington, DC

“Liana is a sensitive and intelligent healer. She has worked with me using both acupuncture and herbal therapy and the results have been stunning… After several acupuncture sessions with Liana and herbal therapy, my headaches vanished. I have now been completely headache free for over a year. It feels miraculous! Thanks Liana!!!”

MD, Baltimore, MD

“I have been seeing Liana for almost two years now and just don’t have enough good things to say. This was my first introduction to acupuncture and after one visit with Liana, I never looked back. I started fertility treatments in the fall of 2014 and I started seeing Liana at the same time. Not only have her treatments supported my body through cycle after cycle of fertility treatment, they have helped me find my peace and balance during this difficult time. Liana’s caring and open nature and attentiveness to both mind and body have been a core and vital part of my support system. Aside from being a skilled acupuncturist, she is one of the most kind individuals you will meet. She is always willing to lend an ear and really cares about her patients. Liana accepts insurance and will confirm your benefits for you. Turns out I have good coverage so have the luxury to see her frequently, which is great because I’m now two months pregnant! I’ve referred many friends to Liana. My husband also saw her for a sports-related foot injury and he’s now running 3 miles a day.”

LL, Washington, DC

“I started going to Eventide Wellness in January because I have endometriosis. I had a surgery for it the previous February (my second) and my symptoms had all returned. By the time I went to Liana, I had stomach pain/cramping at least three out of four weeks a month and my quality of life was seriously impacted. It is hard to explain the symptoms to someone who doesn’t have it but that much pain (and other symptoms which I won’t go into here) can really affect your day to day life. It is now July and I feel better than I have in ten years or more. Liana cautioned that it might take a few months to feel improvement but I felt improvement within the first week of seeing her. Now, I rarely have pain and my cycle is way more manageable/tolerable. In addition to the acupuncture really helping me, Liana is just really knowledgeable and caring and offers other suggestions on how to improve your over all health. She encouraged me to make diet changes to help reduce the amount of inflammation in my body and that has made a huge difference as well. I am a mother of two and work full time and before I went to Liana, I was just trying to get through my day (every day). My days are still challenging but I have way more energy and strength that I have had in a long time. I can’t recommend her enough. By way of background, I had been for acupuncture a few years ago and it did help a little bit but I didn’t make nearly as much progress as I have with Liana.”

DB, Alexandria, VA